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How to Build a Website in 5 Minutes

sharozijaz profile image Sharoz Ijaz ・2 min read

So a couple of days ago I was searching online about Tailwind CSS, if you don’t know about Tailwind CSS, it is a CSS framework design to give developers more flexibility over their CSS class and tools. It let you style your website or app more easily as bootstrap does.

Alt Text

Again while searching online I found a website called tailblock which contains pre-build CSS blocks like navigation bar here section etc.
You can copy the code from it and can easily customize it or you can simply copy and paste it to vs code and run it. It will give you a super boost and can be helpful in many cases like your client need a website but he is on a tight budget and also didn’t need a fancy website but just a simple page where he can tell what he does, in that case, you can use this trick.
Here is how you can build a website in just 5 Minutes.
Go to and scroll to “ Using tailwind via CDN’ or just copy the code below.

''' '''

Past the code to your HTML Document.

Alt Text

Now go to

Alt Text

Find what you want on your website

Alt Text

Click on View Code

Alt Text

Copy it and past it in your code editor,

Alt Text

Tadaa!! Your website is ready to go here is what I build using it for a client.

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justingolden21 profile image
Justin Golden

It's "tailblocks" with an "S":

Just noticed he updated the URL. That website is awesome, got me into using tailwind in the first place lol

sharozijaz profile image
Sharoz Ijaz Author

I also noticed while writing the post.