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Discussion on: Whats your story as a developer /programmer? , i'm getting less motivated

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Kushal sharma

Hi , this is kushal from india , my story begains when i was in the 8th standard . One of my friend brother told me that i have a website and give me the url of his websitr . That was a blogspot by google . When i open that link there was a option . Make a blog . So i clicked it and make my first blog and start writing blogs . Then i started adding blogger widgets . Just like facebook share button , likr button. I also make a facebook page and also embedded it link to it . Then more widets like.. Popular posts , recent posts . I want to change the next default button of blogget . I searched on google and found some css code . Then i started adding it . That was mine first inline css code . Then i get to know about the term seo . I started looking it then google sitemap etc .

I want to do some more modifications to it , so ther was thems in the blogger . I downloaded some free themes and added. But i didn't get the acc to my need. Then i think why not made a new theme by own . I started learnig html and css . This is how i entered into this field

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Abod Micheal (he/him) Author