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SSH to Remote server on VsCode in 1 minute

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Lately, I was working on a project in Digital Ocean. I wanted to pull and access the folders there in my local Visual studio code. While Vs Code Documentation solves this, I want to provide a straight forward way to pull a remote server to your Vs Code.

This article assumes that your ssh is already configured and all you want to do is get the remote server locally.

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Step 1:Install Remote-SSH extension

On VsCode, navigate to extensions and Install Remote-SSH
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Step 2: Configure SSH

i. Open the Vscode command Pallet(cmnd+shift+P) and type Remote. You will see a dropdown with several options. Click Remote-SSH: connect to host
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ii. In the input box provided, insert the hostname to ssh to in the format username@hostname ie root@ and click the highlighted option below it.
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iii. Insert your password in the next step and Vscode will finish the rest of the configuration.


To open your folders, Navigate to Files > open > file
Alternatively, you can click on the File Explorer to Open the folder that you would like to access.
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Happy Coding From the shark🦈


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Take a look at coder.com, they provide a super simple ssh solution that spins up a vscode container on any machine that supports it then pipes the code instance straight to your browser.