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Web Developer? Terms you should understand!

The Tech Industry is full of peculiar words, to which anyone can get confused. Web development is no rule-breaking, and if you need to make it as a programmer, you need to be having some knowledge of the industry lingo.

This list will give you a good introduction to some of the most important terms that you’ll come across when working in web development.

Code is essentially what web developers write using programming languages.

A bug is an error that prevents a website or app from running as it should.

Debugging is the process of identifying and dealing with BUGs.
Debugging is a multistep process: the developer locates the problem, isolates the source and then gets to work on fixing it.

“Application Program Interface” An API enables two different programs to communicate with each other by making some parts of the website code available to developers.
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Frameworks were invented to make the process of building a website faster and easier. They provide you with a base to build your code and design. Some common frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, AngularJS and Vue.

Jamstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It typically comprises 3 components: JavaScript, APIs and Markup.
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GraphQL is a query language for APIs. it is used to load data from a server to a client -- it's a way to get data from an API into your application.

An Algorithm is basically a set of steps for carrying out certain tasks. In computer programming, algorithms are a key part of problem-solving.

Data Structures
Data Structures are a way of organizing and storing data for maximum efficiency — much like books in a library. Data structures make it easy to find, access, sort, insert and delete data.

Git is a version control system where developers can store and manage their code. Git enables you to track changes in Code and reverse them if necessary, and also to work together with other teams and manage multiple projects at once.

GitHub is a cloud interface for Git. Its the largest host of source code in the world! GitHub offers all the version control functionality of Git, but also offers its own features, such as bug tracking, task management and project wikis.

Libraries are stores of pre-written code, or modules, that programmers can take and insert into the code they’re writing. Libraries can save developers considerable time and effort.

Mobile-first is an approach to web design and development that prioritizes mobile devices. Rather than building a website with a desktop in mind and then considering how it might look on a mobile device, with a mobile-first approach, the website is first built for the small screen.
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“Development Operations.” System of working that helps to keep development, IT operations, and quality assurance departments on the same page to make for better end-products and collaborations.

“Graphical User Interface.” The image of how a website is laid out and meant to be interacted with. In website design, this is how everything will ideally look in layout.
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This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should help you to start talking about the web developer talk.

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joro550 profile image
Mark Davies

I was totally with this blog post until I reached Jamstack 😂 I would say not every web developer needs to know what these are:

  • Jamstack
  • Graphql

These are pretty particular, I'm a web developer and even though I have knowledge of these technologies I wouldn't say "every web developer needs to know what these are".

And I would personally argue that learning SCM it better than learning git - even though git is esentially the default SCM these days it's better (in my opinion) to learn the concepts of SCM before diving into a specific one.

sorry for being picky, good blog post 😅

sharjeelyunus profile image
Sharjeel Yunus

Yes, you're right, Jamstack and graphql are centric - not everyone has to learn but just knowing the terms is good.

About SCM and Git, yes it's better if you first learn the concepts of SCM - ps: I learned git first then SCM😁

aalphaindia profile image
Pawan Pawar

Worth reading!!

sharjeelyunus profile image
Sharjeel Yunus

Thank you❤️

abdullah_kwl profile image
Muhammad Abdullah

Good work bro👌👍

raoadeelnasir profile image

It’s really help full