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Shariq Ahmed
Shariq Ahmed

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Nuxt.js: What is It and Its Benefits?

If you are someone who knows and works in Vue.js, then for you learning Nuxt.js would be a piece of cake.This is because Nuxt.js is built on top of the Vue.js framework. Moreover, by working on Nuxt.js, maybe you will be able to brush up your Vue.js skills. So, why not start working on Nuxt.js? But, wait. Why should you learn Nuxt.js? There are several advantages of using Nuxt.js that you won’t find in Vue.js. Before jumping into the introduction, let’s see what you can be able to make using Nuxt.js.

  1. SSR apps
  2. SPA
  3. SSG

Moreover, nuxt.js generates Vue.js routes in the app depending on the folder structure — that too automatically. It also has a new set of data-hooks including fetch()hook and asyncData()hook. The former wasn’t present from the beginning in Nuxt.js. It was added in Nuxt.js 2.12+release. Further to start with Nuxt, you must have a Node js installed on your computer.

When it comes to working, Nuxt.js works similarly to a server-side framework. Actions or methods that are used in Nuxt.js include nuxtServerInit(Action), validate(), and asyncData(). Now, let’s move on and see what are the benefits of Nuxt.js.

Well, you can create apps without any hurdles in Nuxt.js. You see in Vue.js, due to countless configuration options, a lot of time developers will face problems on both the server and client sides. But, in Nuxt.js, the SSR feature is built. You will also have access to the isServer and isClient properties to gauge whether you’re rendering on the client side or server side.

Moreover, in Nuxt.js there’s a feature of automatic code splitting. This splitting feature also uses Webpack configuration that is built when a static version of a website is created. Apart from this, in Nuxt.js there is ES6/ES7 compilation as well the feature of hot reload.

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