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The correct way of asking questions.

Hello Developers

I am an intermediate developer. I had great mentors to whom I could ask any question and they would help me. Now, as time passes I get many questions from the juniors, but I think they lack the ability to ask a question properly. Well, you might ask who I am to lecture on this topic? I learned basically everything from asking questions and googling stuff.

Try to google before asking the question.

Google is an essential skill for any developer/programmer. Whenever you are struck first approve Google.


Before Googling

You: How should I pass a child state to a parent state?.

Mentor: Have you googled it?.

You: No...

After Googling

You: I am unable to pass child state to parent state. I googled it and it says [this] and [this].

Mentor: Okay, do [this] and refer to [this] article.

Tell us the real problem.

Okay, let's say you are working on the front-end part of the project, and upon fetching data from the API you run into a CORS error. You google it and are still unable to solve it.


before not mentioning the real problem.

You: I am trying to solve the CORS error and I did [this] and [this].

Mentor: CORS are tricky. I can't exactly solve your problem.

After mentioning the real problem.

You: While fetching the data from the API, I ran into a CORS error and I did [this] and [this].

Mentor: Maybe the API is not handling requests properly. Submit the response and logs to the backend team.

Some tips.

  • Try to solve before asking the question.
  • Google, Google, and Google.
  • Ask the real question, not the solution you are working on.
  • If you are stuck on a problem for too long, take a break.
  • And above all, ask the question.

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Andrew Baisden

Being proactive and finding a solution on your own is the first step before you ask for additional help. Because your team could be just as busy too.