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How to upload notes on yourounotes

Greeting all

This blog contents the instruction to upload notes on yourounotes.
you can visit yourounotes

How to upload notes on yourounotes.

Visit yourounotes

After scrolling down a bit, you will find the login button click on it then you will be redirected to the login page

Fill in the details then you will be redirected to your dashboard

For the first time, it will look like this, because you haven't uploaded any notes.

yourounotes image

As you start to upload notes, your notes will be displayed here.

Before uploading to yourounotes website, you have to upload your notes on your Google drive, then get the link from Google drive and make sure that anyone with the link can see it.

yourounotes google drive image

Copy the link then go to upload notes.

yourounotes upload button image

Then you will be redirected to the upload page.

yourounotes upload form image

Fill in the details, and you can upload multiple notes at once, after filling the form hit the upload notes button

Kaboooom you have successfully uploaded notes, Go to your dashboard to see when and how many notes you have uploaded.

Thanks for your support

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Special thanks to my classmates who help this project reach where it is.



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