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2x 24" monitors, plus the 17" laptop monitor. The laptop won't drive any more, so that's my (unfortunate) limit.

Come the end of the day, the 17" work laptop will make room for my 14" laptop, and it will still be 3 screens. Still limited by the laptops.


I use a single 32 inch curved screen, with my laptop.


Do you experience laptop heating problem?


Slightly when running heavy processes only. You got to have a cool room, preferably air conditioned and a cooling pad if you are having a heavy setup.

Yeah dead otherwise 😅


One at the moment, dock it on the fritz. Realistically I am more ok with one UHD monitor than I realized I would be. It's a 24" so nothing rediculous.


I'm using 2x 24" monitors (both home and at work)


So Hogwarts has monitors too


I only use my 13" macbook, and I miss my 24" monitor at the office 😢


LOL everyone misses big screens


Currently at home I'm limited to one (two if you count the laptop's screen as a monitor) however I would usually use two and the laptop at work


27" 5k iMac and a 32" 4k monitor next to it :D