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GatsbyJS vs Jekyll ! What will you choose ?πŸ€”

sharadcodes profile image Sharad Raj github logo ・1 min read

Let share our opinion.
Personally I use Jekyll and love it. 😘

Jekyll inspired me to develope my own static site generator my_py_site(Python) and sudo_site(C++), both are featured on StaticGen.

Tell me about yourself.😁
Which one's your fav and why πŸ˜‰ ?

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I am currently using Nuxt, but I also considering moving to Next.js with MDX support.

I feel like I was wrong in thinking that I need a CMS, whether headful or headless. I can simulate the search function with a serverless function, anyway.

Also, I was wrong in thinking that Jekyll is putting too many files in a folder. The truth is, one folder and 10k files would still not hurt the performance. Also, it is possible build a flat file CMS on top of the single flat folder, anyway.

In the end, Jekyll isn't so bad, but I just want

  • JavaScript support
  • MDX support

That's way I might go Next.js.


I use Gatsby. It was my gateway into reactjs. I really like it and there is quite an ecosystem of places to build and deploy it. There are a ton of plugins.

Most important, I understand enough of how it works to customize and build what I need. Much of what you need to know is plain JavaScript, which is a very portable skill.

I tried a few other static site generators, but I they seemed to have very specific and confusing templates.

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