Free SQL hosting providers ?

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Let's discuss ...... πŸ€”

We have MongoDB Atlas for MongoDB and it provides 512mb of storage.

Is there any such service provider for SQL ?


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Depends on your particular challenge but perhaps even SQLite over a file store would work well (and be very portable)?


It is portable but you can't access it over network.


True, and you did ask for a 'as a service'. I have seen (and SQLite supports with caveats) SQLite used over a file share, although that brings back horrific memories of Access databases on SMB shares, or worse, Visual Source Safe - shudder.


What type of network? We use an application that accesses one on a server on a daily basis.

Sqlite is for local storage like in embedded systems. You cannot access it remotely. You need either an API running on that server or some other interface to do database manipulation.

Where as client server based dbms like MySQL can be accessed via a domain, port, username, password. So you don't have db stored on the system where that app or software is running.

Example of such applications are based on the way you implement.

Like you can make a todo app with sqlite but in that case both the db and app will be on same server.
In another case you can use MySQL, MongoDB etc to store db elsewhere and app will be hosted somewhere else.


Heroku's postgres plans start free but are super limited and only allow up to 10k rows. First thing that comes to mind.


That's what I was going to say. πŸ‘πŸ˜‚


Oh, I never knew there was a row limitation. Still, free forever at 10K rows is a great deal


It's good but you should have a credit card πŸ€”


why you worry about free sql provider?? i think you should start with aws, azure or google cloud free instance to create. where you can install any SQL packages and can use it anywhere without any limits(with your own criteria).
i think it will be good for you.


All three will be free for a year or two, and then you need to pay to continue.
If you only need one year, then you are good!


but we can go with another account. when one or two year will be done.


also keep in mind free SQL-provider will not keep your data safe. just see their terms and condition.


Not SQL, but IBM Cloudant (CouchDB) is free up to 1Gb.


How to avail?


It is part of IBM Cloud (disclosure: IBM employee). More information at: ibm.com/cloud/cloudant


Not SQL, but I am a huge fan of fauna DB. Super generous free teir, and Serverless to boot. Native GraphQL and ABAC controls built in. Also has time travel. It’s super powered! You can even do relations!


Thanks for the new info πŸ˜ƒ


For AWS you can get a t3.db.micro (1 GB) on free-tier for 1 year which is very good.
I think Ben highlighted the best deal on Heroku.


Sure run 2 Oracle Cloud instances for free


There's elephantsql.com/ but has huge limitations


I'll have a look