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Successful Unity for Humanity Submission!

Thank you to all the Project Universe #volunteers that made meeting the #Unity for #Humanity deadline today possible!

A special thank you to #volunteer #GameDev CMDR Ash who worked over-time performing 3D modeling, texturing, C# programming, Unity dev & more to meet this deadline!

We really wanted to film a walk-about of the demo area, but were running out of time, so we went with a voiced-over slide-show video & made the deadline with ~5 minutes to spare!

I stayed up all night to get this submission in on time! Every hour my ability to write a coherent sentence for the script got worse! Glad we were able to get it done, wish it was higher quality.

We're working on better videos with a walk-about! We'll get an elevator pitch & 8-minute pitch made first, then videos dedicated to the individual components of the game & overall project.

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