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Project Universe & Helping Humanity


Project Universe is preparing humanity for our future as a united interplanetary civilization utilizing collaboration, education, technology & video games. From 24 December 2017 to 28 January 2019 it was in closed development while I devised methods of funding it without requiring users to pay. On 29 January 2019 global open community development began, which included a non-expiring open invitation for humanity to participate.


Since then the plan has evolved & our community has grown. We received a $30,000 donation in October which paid for the business to be setup Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation, soft/hardware for volunteer devs & paid some for their contributions. In response to the quarantine shutting down schools across the globe & the threat COVID-19 poses to students, teachers & their families the school we're creating has increased priority.

What "it" is

Project Universe is a blended reality platform developed in Unity featuring a future-ready school & shopping mall integrated into a sci-fi video game. It's designed to help humanity today & in our future among the stars.


The game is meant to be played all-day-every-day to combat cabin fever, provide social interaction & more. The mall is means of passive funding so the game & school are free. The school is means of teaching anyone anything anywhere on & off Earth with the help of AI and VR/AR.

Fighting for Humanity's future

Humanity's future is uncertain, what we do today affects future generations for millennia to come. It is my desire to help humanity have the best possible future through what I know best: Collaboration, teaching, tech & video games. This isn't a complete explanation of what Project Universe is, but I hope it gives you an understanding of what we're doing & how we're doing it.


  1. If it cost nothing, but time to help humanity, would you?
  2. What are you thoughts on attending a real school inside a video game?
  3. Any deal-breakers?
  4. Do you want to live off Earth?
  5. Would you travel to a new solar system in a slower-than-light spaceship?
  6. Do you believe in aliens?
  7. Willing to receive a brain implant that connects you to humanity & AI?
  8. Have you seen 2047: Virtual Revolution?

Top comments (1)

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  1. Yes. Crohn's disease rendered me bedridden in mid-2016, as a result I'm unemployed & have an over abundance of free time.
  2. I love video games & learning, the opportunity to play & learn real-life skills is very appealing.
  3. Intrusive ads & pay-to-win.
  4. Yes! I love Earth, it's absolutely beautiful, but I'd love to explore the universe & meet aliens.
  5. Yes! It'd be scary, but as long as we plan carefully, we should be fine.
  6. Yes, there's no way the universe is this big and old for Earth to be the only planet with life.
  7. Yes, but not part of the first group.
  8. Yes, I found it to be an okay depiction of our future.