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Creating a utopian future for humanity

The lives we live today are not the lives we live tomorrow

Everything inevitably changes, it may take a second, month, year, decade, century, or more

Humanity's form of self-government is failing causing protests across the globe demanding freedom from unjust suffering

Currently we rely on governments segregated by borders of countries without the resources to provide safe living conditions for all

The solution is simple, we stop segregating ourselves, unify our people, share our resources, create a self-sustaining utopia for all

It's our collective decisions that have gotten us to where we are today; fortunately there are a plethora of solutions for all our problems

Ending poverty is easily accomplished with all the worlds people & resources at our disposal

There's no need for killing anyone

With all of our technological advancements we easily produce sufficient resources we never have to pay a penny for housing, medical care, food, water, electricity, education, entertainment, etc.

Money helped humanity get to where it is today, now it's holding us back

Our world leaders are supposed to be helping us live our best lives

So, let me ask you: Are you happy with how your life is going this moment?

I doubt anyone living in poverty (most people), especially those without family/friends they love being around, says yes

I promise there's a better way of life, one you can be living sooner than you'll believe me

Every day for 4+ years I've dedicated my life learning how such a thing is possible

Today, with the help of people like you, from across Earth, call it Project Universe

We know there's a better way, many of us are already living it, all of us are helping everyone live it

When you're living your best life, you know it, without a shadow of a doubt, your heart is filled with love, your brain ready for the adventure our crazy reality offers

Living your best life is a transcendent feeling I hope all of you get to experience

I wish all of you live to experience it, unfortunately life taught me I can't help all of you

This has never & will never stop me from doing my best to help all of you live your best lives

Help me, help you, help humanity

It's not difficult, I started working on Project Universe on 24 December 2017 after Crohn's disease nearly killed me leaving me bedridden for several years

I have to make it easy as possible for me to help humanity with what I have

I can not, will not give up on me just as much as I won't give up on you

I will not rest until all of us are living utopian lives

My only fear is humanity only facilitates its destruction

One fear I never experience, because those of you already fighting for your lives

Everything I do is out of altruistic unconditional love for our best future

I want us to live in a utopia, I've learned how to make it happen, so this is what I do, every day, for all of us

I'm motivated by you, forever & always

So I ask, am I worthy of your support?

You can learn more about Project Universe @ and/or you're welcome to talk with me directly about it

Invest $1/month you'll never regret @

I'm not doing this alone, with you by our side all of us live our best lives sooner

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