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Changing the world requires changing yourself!

Changing the world requires changing yourself! Who I was when I began passionately helping Humanity via Project Universe is drastically different than who I'm today. Unconditional love for y'all drives my decisions helping all of us live our best lives!

Love first & always!

The $1,000,000,000,000s sitting in banks collecting dust is the reason poverty is as bad as it is today. With ~$60,000 we're creating a free interplanetary-ready education system. With $1,000,000,000,000s and/or Humanity's support we abolish global poverty by the end of 2021.

Support Project Universe for your, your family's, friend's, Humanity's sake. I know it sounds ostentatious, but it's the truth. I'll give my life ensuring 100% of Humanity lives their best lives free of oppression, suffering, poverty.

I'd prefer not to die tho!

From my perspective the way we govern ourselves has catastrophically failed us. We must change how our civilization operates to put an end to the unjust deaths of millions. We must start today, no one has to die/suffer to fix all of the problems plaguing us. Please understand that by helping me help Humanity you're helping yourself. We need all governments, politicians, teachers, leaders working together.

Success is inevitable, how soon depends on you showing your support. Spread the word, donate $1/month, please DO something.

Made it this far & you want to help or are on the fence, reply here, let me know. Helping increase global advocacy/support is the best way you can help without spending $1. Please understand you matter more than you'll ever give yourself credit for.

YOU are my everything!

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