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Revolutionizing the CMS

When you look at the CMS today, most if not all, follow the traditional concept of theme and plugin development. There is no such thing as the perfect CMS, hence the reason for plugins to exist, providing a level of customizing ability to fulfill ones needs.

So then what differentiates one CMS from another? Well, there are certain features that are usually highlighted, along with the type of CMS, such as database driven, flat file, static, and so on. However, I find myself coming back to the same question. Conceptionally, what is the difference?

I concluded, there is no difference. Sure, functionality may be different. The process in which data/content is stored and delivered may be different. Whichever the case may be, it all falls back to theme and plugins.

As a developer, I think of time spent “recreating the wheel.” It's easy when you yourself have a library of code that you can continuously copy with minor tweaks to complete a project. However, you will always cross a point where you simply don't have it and start searching online for free open source libraries in which you retro fit into your project. This is essentially every developer.

This had me thinking since the days of me creating SumCMS and BKDR, what would make a great CMS from a development and user perspective? Today I believe I have, not THE answer, but an answer that can solve a wish list of common ground interest from most web developers.

The Wish List

  • It does not use “themes” as what is known today.
  • It does not use “plugins”.
  • It should be modular and interchangeable with other sites.
  • It should allow you to essentially create the features needed rather than waiting for the feature to be implemented.

Interested in what it is? Well... I'm about 60% completed with my MVP for public release, but I've been really excited to share what I have thus far. So instead of releasing a half baked project, I decided to create a subscription list so you can signup and get update-to-date info on features before the actual release.

Introducing JayDMS, a JSON based Development Management System. I look forward to creating a community behind this project, because I truly believe this is a fresh new look on web development. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to read this, and hopefully signup.

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