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I've used most of the IDE's out there.

All of JetBrains' products are great! That's why I pay for them. If you've started on VSC and are comfortable with it and feel productive, there's no reason to switch.

At the end of the day, think about which IDE makes you feel comfortable and productive.


Yes, i used JetBrain's IntelliJ and found it very good. I am using Visual Studio Code and struggling with Pip Virtual Environments as of now and I heard PyCharm does it very well.

Thats why i wanted to hear the developers using PyCharm on their reviews about it.


What issues are you having with VSC and venvs? I'd like to try and help you.

What are you using to set up for venv? python -m venv or pipenv or the older virtualenvwrapper stuff?

I recently started using pipenv and it is a godsend.

And telling your python project in VSC to use a particular venv is very easy. Let me know how I can help.

Any insight on how pipenv compares to Anaconda? Any advantage in switching to the former?

I think you meant how does it compare to conda which is the package manager in Anaconda.

If you're an Anaconda user I'd say stick with conda then. Anaconda is an ecosystem into itself and conda and pipenv are pretty comparable. But since you're already in there, use conda imho.

You can use both, but I don't see why you would. And I don't feel like you're missing anything.

What issues are you having with VSC and venvs? I'd like to try and help you.

Actually i was using conda and was able to switch the virtual environment by single click in code

I have recently switched to 'virtualenv' and didnt find the tap to switch the virtual environments in code.

The problem i faced in order to leave anaconda is that initially i was using anacoda and tensorflow was not working correctly for my code, it worked for other code but not one file.
I spent two days finding out what is the problem in my code and shared with coworker and it worked fine over there, he was using virtualenv using pip instead of anaconda.

I uninstalled and reinstall conda Tensorflow but error persisted so i removed anaconda and switch to pip way and my problem was fixed.
IMO pip way of installing packages are good compared to conda way. For students conda is good!


I always find it quicker and easier to manually supply the location of the venv in the settings file(s) as Using the Select Python Interpreter command doesn't do a good job at finding them.

I use pipenv so all my environments are in my C:\Users\Alex\.virtualenvs\ directory so there could be a more elaborate solution where the vscode command would monitor this directory for any python executables?

Using the Select Python Interpreter command doesn't do a good job at finding them.

I just found setting python.venvPath to your virual env. will allow Interpretor to list them in Code.

For example :

"python.venvPath": "~/python-virtual-environments/"

I used to use PyCharm while studying python, Then I started to discover Django when I found that it's NOT supported in PyCharm - Cummunity Edition which I had and it's available only in the paid version..
Then I started seeking a new IDE or even a text editor that supports at least Django's template engine.
It ended up using VS Code and It's the best IDE I found.
Jetbrains' products are great but I feel more comfortable using VS Code.


Yes Community edition doesnt support that.

Whats your views about the productivity by using scientific libraries like NumPy, Tensorflow etc in PyCharm?


I used PyCharm for a while, but have recently switched to VSC.

PyCharm is much more stable than VSC, and the ability to link and manage data sources (e.g. SQL Server) is a huge advantage (but only available in paid version).

That being said, VSC is lightweight and constantly evolving. My team uses self-hosted GitLab and Anaconda to manage environments, and VSC integrates perfectly with these tools.

As far as environments go - we save our .yml environment files to each project repo, and when our production server syncs with the master branch, it automatically rebuilds the conda environment and activates them via batch files when running the repo's code. I can't recommend this enough! Pip gave me nightmares. Anaconda has been a god send.


What type of problems you faced in Pip that made you to move towards anaconda.

Recently i was having problem in anaconda so i have switched to virtualenv using pip

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