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Shan Khan

Visual Studio Settings Sync!

shanalikhan / code-settings-sync

🌴💪 Synchronize your Visual Studio Code Settings Across Multiple Machines using Github GIST 💪🌴

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Previously known as Visual Studio Code Settings Sync

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Type Sync in command Palette in order to view all commands.

Key Features

1. Use your GitHub account token and Gist
2. Easy to Upload and Download on one click
3. Show a summary page at the end with details about config and extensions effected
4. Auto download Latest Settings on Startup.
5. Auto upload Settings on file change.
6. Share the Gist with other users and let them download your settings.
7. Supports GitHub Enterprise

It Syncs

All extensions and complete User Folder that Contains
1. Settings File
2. Keybinding File
3. Launch File
4. Snippets Folder
5. VSCode Extensions & Extensions Configurations
6. Workspaces Folder


1. Upload Key : Shift + Alt + U
2. Download Key : Shift + Alt + D

Steps To Get a Personal Access Token from GitHub

This extension requires a Personal…