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Discussion on: How To Build Books Reading Habit In Busy Routines

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Shan Khan Author

Thank you very much, Jason.

always pack a book with you

This is great advise you have given me as I find some time in a day in an office where I can't do anything excepting opening social media on my mobile phone. Of course, I can't study in Office so I should spend that time in a productive way.

Looks like these are great books, I am going to add in my good reads list.

the harder one: set aside time in your morning - Mornings are actually better for this than evenings, as your brain is gearing up, not down.

Yes, you are right.
I tried this thing today and was not able to spend more than 15 minutes in books reading.

What I have decided is:

  1. Read 15 minutes after waking up the morning.
  2. Keep the book in my bag so I can always read them in free time in the office, Especially when you got a big park just in front of your office.

Yes, my sleeping hours that are also 7 works pretty are fine.

Thank you for your advice.