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I don't agree. I learnt programming with an IDE (Visual Studio - C++). Despite its awesome IntelliSense, it didn't make me "stupid". I was actually able to form a program on paper as well. I only learned the intricate details about compilers and linkers later. And until I moved on from C++ three years later, I was never able to get a GCC installation working.🤣👏

I learnt Java working with an IDE too, and I knew my stuff. The only stack I learnt outside an IDE was PHP. I used Notepad++ and it frustrated me, till I discovered PhpStorm.

I personally feel the opposite: beginners should learn with IDEs because it hides complexity, allowing them to focus on learning the language and building stuff. With time, they can dive deeper.

(Another parallel: when I was new to PHP/web dev, I always used LAMP/XAMPP. As I got to understand more about the language and operating systems, I started to install and configure each component separately. But I'm glad I started out with XAMPP.)


I agree (with you).

The analogy used in this post is that you should learn to walk before you can run. I don't think that fits with "don't start with an IDE". The analogy that I would use is that this is suggesting you should start to learn to climb by free-climbing actual mountains instead of going to a climbing gym and learning on a wall with ropes.

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