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Shaiju T
Shaiju T

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What hosting do you use for Asp.Net Core app ?

Godaddy windows shared hosting only supports Asp.Net Core 2.0.

I want to host a medium size Asp.Net Core 3.1 app in cheap shared hosting.

Have you come across any windows Hosting provider with good customer support and uptime ?

Any advice will be appreciated 😄.

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Shaiju T • Edited

Found ,
its Microsoft recommended hosting and looks promising as it gives free SSL with LetsEncrypt.

Some more references:

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Shaiju T • Edited

I just came to know that supports latest .NET 5.0. Cool 😄

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Betty C Wise • Edited

ASP.NET Core is an underlying .NET Core powerful framework that is extremely scalable. Hence it will improve over time and succeeding in the development. Moreover, it is fully open-source for the developers having flexibility and expansion of unparalleled opportunities for relying on closed source components. The OS doubtful nature of .NET Core means that you can deploy ASP.NET Core applications on more than one device and servers, including routers and IoT devices that usually operate on Linux.

Which version of ASP.NET you select for your application development shows that the future is very bright in significance with corporate and best community support. If you are searching for the Cheap Asp Net Hosting and are tired of any limitations with your web hosting account, you can opt for Navicosoft unlimited Asp Net Mvc hosting package to enjoy an easy and smooth setup.

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