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In docs it says: To disable the pipeline:

  1. In Azure Pipelines, navigate to your pipeline.

  2. Select Edit. From the menu in the upper corner, select Settings:

  3. A window pops up titled Pipeline settings

  4. Here you get the disable the "Processing of new run request"
    alt text


Thank you 😄, This worked. This stopped the build pipeline from running the Job. Hope this saves my free build minutes.


if your goal is to disable builds for every check-in; the better approach is to disable CI. That way your pipeline is not disabled. And you can go manually build when you please.

alt text


hey so ensure you have navigated to the pipeline, e.g on the left menu, click menu. Hover over over a recently run pipeline and a ... menu will appear on the right. Select edit. On the top-right click a ... menu. Select settings. Now you have a menu options Enabled, Paused, Disabled. Select Disabled.


You'll need to delete the file within your repo, aka azure-pipelines.yml


😄, Thank you Jay, I will try this option in future. But for now I used a option in Azure Devops Portal, As said by below comment: dev.to/mnaseem/comment/pjnn

Hope this saves my free build minutes.