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re: Free workshop on .NET Core + GraphQL + Serverless VIEW POST

re: Hi Shaijut & Chris So GraphQL is not directly converted to SQL. But we do have a couple feature in that enable you to do so Gi...

Hi 😄 , What is difference b/w GraphQL for .NET and ? Why I should I use ? Anything special ?

Very good question :)
I think HotChocolate provides you with more features and more innovation. Code looks cleaner and it is overall much more fun to work with.
This question as asked in a issue once. You can read more about it here:

This is a really good blog post about HotChocolate.
It only shows a fraction of it tough :D

Check out this example project If you want to get a feeling for it

Also, just join the community and try it out :)
You can find us on if you have any question along the way SLACK

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