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Shahroz Ahmed
Shahroz Ahmed

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My Journey From a CodeNewBie To Earn $1k+ As a Developer

Hi Folks😇,
My name is Shahroz and today I am here to share what happens to me when I wrote my first line of code, the "hello world!"😎

It all starts in 2016, just after 1 year when my father past away😭, I was the only person in the house who is responsible to manage my home expenses, so I just started applying for jobs listed in the newspaper, let me tell you my situation at that time, I have a computer system P4, having 512MB of RAM and 40Gb of space with a CPU of 1.5 GHz, and we don't have an internet connection at our home, because we don't afford it then. I use my computer to play games, like Angry bird or IGI, or watch movies, and the most fun thing I do at that time was, reinstalling windows on my system almost every month when my system gets slow😆😆😆, I used to taught that the windows got corrupt, let's reinstall it😜.

I love to be around my computer system, just play with different features of it, changing wallpapers, themes, like this, It makes me feel happy🤗, Remember "This was my seed to grow as a computer science student and become a tree as a developer"

So, come to the story again, my father passed ways and I started finding a job, I know a little bit about what computer programming is but I don't know how it works, what is its use case, I know nothing very much about it. while applying for a job, I kept one thing in my mind, I need to learn any skill, without skills I cant earn a good amount of money.

Luckily one day, I came across a news that one institute in my town is announcing a 6-month course on iOS development, 🤓Honestly, I don't know about it🤔, that what it is but it sounds to me techy and the good thing was that they arrange a seminar for this course, So I decided to attend the seminar, I attend it and got clear that they will teach us how to develop apps for Apple ecosystem😎, and the person standing on the stage explaining about this course just bring me in the sky by telling that you can earn $10k a month after the completion of this course🤑🤑🤑, I Enrolled It💪!!! the cost was around $40 for the whole course because it was based by an NGO.

After joining the course, in the first few classes they teach us about SWIFT programming language, btw It was my first time learning how to code👨‍💻.

I cried many times, I can't be able to understand how it works from the first class😭.

I am just messed up in my mind that what's happening to me😞, this course is not right for me😔, programming is not the right choice for me☹️, I am not a tech guy😖, these kind of thoughts are revolving in my mind, and it's hurting me alot🙃 and one more bad thing happens to me is the teachers of mine announced just after few classes that you also will need a MacBook OR macintosh to do the professional level of development, I cant afford it, I leave the course, $40 wasted.☹️☹️☹️

It hits me hard, I lose my $40, my self-esteem, and the trust of my family too😭.

I took some break, and after that, tried to figure out what I did wrong🤔, why I failed????, The only way to become better is by finding my mistakes😟.

Some mistakes I found in my decision:

  • I chased money, due to which I just jump into it without analyzing myself, that do I actually want to become an iOS developer???😒
  • I don't know that concept of Roadmap.😞
  • I always compare myself to others in the efficiency of learning programming.😔

I learned from my mistakes and keep walking in my life😏, started some job, earn some money, upgrade my system, get an internet connection, start learning from youtube about everything I want to learn, Now I am a better person, and It was 2018.🤫

I heard the term freelancing, don't know about it as always but no worries, open google search it, learn about it. make accounts on different freelancing platforms to earn money but wait!!! 😵

Became a better person😎, but don't have any skills. No worries, open google starts searching for an in-demanding skill, got to know about "Web Development", like it..... but wait... cant afford to make the same mistake again, I am a better person now😎.

Starting searching about web development, talk with peoples on Facebook. doing as much research as I can🤔.

Finally decided..... I want to become a Web Developer. 👨‍💻

Started learning from Html, and honestly enjoying it🤩, then CSS then Javascript, Now programming does not seem so tough to me because I know that I can learn it, It just takes more time💪.

While I am in the process of learning web development, I came to know about WordPress, don't know much about it as always, ask google, seems good and easy to take a start👣. learn it from youtube, after learning it, go back to my freelancing account and start selling services of WordPress, seems hard in starting but becomes easy after some time. parallelly learning javascript, then jump to backend technologies and doing freelancing with it🙌.

Some time passes I cross the milestone of earning $1k+ as a freelancer💰💰💰, I am also a front and developer know, React.js is also included in my skill set😎.

Spending a Happy and satisfactory life now 🤗

I have cut down many things from the journey, just to not waste your time and to provide you a brief overview.😊

Some More Lessons:

-make a habit of doing research about anything you want to know.
-connect with concerned peoples on social media, and ask them your questions.
-Take the first step.

If you want to learn more about web development just follow my Instagram by clicking this link :@the_webdevelopers
Follow me on Facebook:Shahroz Ahmed

That's all from my side😇, I am waiting for your responses😍, you can ask me anything in the comments below as well as connect with me here.

Thank You👋

Happy Coding👨‍💻

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