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Shahriar Siraj Snigdho
Shahriar Siraj Snigdho

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Speed up your Vanilla PHP coding test

First of all, let me tell you a short story about myself. I'm a Full Stack developer living in Sweden who have been developing web applications using PHP, specially Laravel Framework for over 2 years. Lately, I was applying for web development jobs here in Sweden and for almost all applications, I got a coding test to be eligible for the next phase. And guess what? All the coding tests require to develop something simple but using raw (or vanilla) PHP without using any external libraries.

Sounds very simple, right? I also felt the same way and thought of finishing the coding test within a night. But since I was doing the development work using Laravel, when I actually started coding for the test, I realized that those simple things became really complicated. In Laravel, I didn't need to think about pretty urls, dynamic routes, sql injections, view & logic separations, etc etc. But with raw PHP, now I need to handle all of these and I cannot use any frameworks or packages.

So, I started writing codes keeping all of these in minds for each coding tests. After several tests, I realized that I, subconsciously, have created my own framework as I was using the same things again and again for the next tests. Then, I thought, why not create a repository that I can just clone and extend for future coding tests.

Here's the framework:

If you're in the same scenario as me and need to speed up your raw PHP development, feel free to use it.

You're most welcome if you find any bugs or want to contribute to it.

Good luck in your job hunting!

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