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Programming job and a BSc.

Welcome to this week's article peeps 👋, we would be talking about "that" degree, getting a job in tech and being a self-taught programmer. First of, what's "that" degree?
That degree is basically Computer Science. Now, you might be wondering how on earth I can give a piece of advice on this when I haven't gone to college and haven't had real work experience. Well in this article, I would be talking about all that, let's get started!

🎓 How importaant is a BSc?:

If you thought I was going to talk about a computer science degree being useless, you are wrong. As opposed to some notions, a degree is important and also a person's choice.

A computer science degree, despite being just a cardboard, is an important part of a developers journey. One very important aspect of every developers journey is networking, network with the right people and everything else could and would fall in place. A second thing is that no knowledge is useless (except if it's Java 🤣, jk), and would help you at one point or the other. Finally, a degree gives you a little perk when applying for jobs later on...

❔ Should you get one?

It's a matter of choice, a degree won't usually help you when it comes to getting jobs (mostly US) but can help secure connections. I would still advise getting a degree. Period.

So you are a self-taught developer, you want to get a job and establish yourself in tech, technical writing and open source would help you better than a degree in that regard. Speaking from personal experience, I have never applied for a job in my life but receive job offers from referrals on a consistent basis. It's not really about age, so don't berate yourself for being too young or being too old. It's also not about a degree (really), but more about your mindset and skillset, developing your personal skillset as a developer is another entire topic.

The world is changing rapidly, and you shouldn't allow job requirements to scare you. Ask the seniors in tech, those requirements don't really stand when you apply for a job, but also remember that failure and rejection would happen. Fail fast, fail often, fail forward. One more thing, personally I am not going to college, wether for a computer science degree or other.

That's another week gone, writing huge content has been hard for me nowadays as I have a lot on my hands. Still planning to allocate more time for that, this post is blown wide open for comments and discussions. Would love to chat with you peeps in the comments, and remember, fail fast, fail often, fail forward, you would only learn one more way to not fail. See you guys next week 👋.

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