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Content creation update

Two weeks and no post, bugs me a lot to be honest, so I decided to write a short post on why and my plan for content creation in the future.

Finding time to write posts in school is quite hard (any college or uni students should share their coping mechanism 😄), I am currently studying Software Engineering and it's intensive. If you've heard of Full Sail, you know what I mean (it is a one-year degree). I am enjoying it, meeting other devs and just immersing in the tech world, it is an eye opener. On the other hand, things like side project and blogging is getting more and more tasking.

Now, what are my plans for the future of content creation? I would still write, and I would keep working on courses for freecodecamp albeit at a slower pace. So yeah, I broke my "one-article-a-week" streak and I've been working less on my side projects, but no fear! I would still write when I can, post tips every now-and-then and shitpost on Twitter when I can 😆.

That's it for this post, send your tips and wishes, I'm all ears. Read, learn, code, repeat. Play with open-source, it's a massive opportunity and don't forget to play and take a break. See you guys next time 👋.

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Andrew Baisden

Good luck keep going. Consistency can come over time better to concentrate on the work.