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Discussion on: React developers: TDD is not dogma

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Matt Trachsel

"anytime someone tells you categorically not to do something, they are stating an opinion based on their lived experience, not fact"

That's not what Kent did, so I'm not sure why this article was written. People should use whatever methodologies are best for them individually. Try TDD by all means. But the claims you write better code/are a better developer because of it are to quote an article I just read: "an opinion based on their lived experience, not fact"

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Daniel Irvine πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Author

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

You are correct on the last part. Almost everything you read about in programming is an opinion. I am glad that you took that last quote to heart, it’s a key point. ❀️

The first statement you mentioned was a comment about that tweet but about other things Kent has written, for example recently he told people to avoid mocking fetch and use a fake object library instead. Mocking fetch is a perfectly valid testing technique that I and many other coaches have been teaching for years, so when Kent writes an article about his lived experience as if it were fact, it takes a lot of extra work to undo that message, because the people we’re coaching get confused about who to listen to and who’s β€œright”. Obviously there’s no right (see above) but it takes time and energy to have that discussion, which gets tiring when it happens again and again.

That’s why this article was written.