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Simple Chakra UI Card

shadowtime2000 profile image shadowtime2000 Originally published at on ・1 min read

Simple Chakra UI Card

I am currently creating a blog with Chakra UI, so I need a card which can be created with it. This is just basically a small snippet.

The Card

function BlogPost() {
  return (
    <Box maxW="sm" borderWidth="1px" borderRadius="lg" overflow="hidden">
        <Box m="5" as="a" href="/blog-post-thing">
          <Heading m="5" mb="0" as="h4" size="md">Blog Post</Heading>
          <Text m="5" mt="0">My cool blog post</Text>
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Yeah, that's basically it. This is my first time using Chakra UI so if you have any suggestions please share them.

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