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How do you keep up with writing?

I wonder if it's me or not, but I often find myself having a lack of motivation to write. Whether it be writing code or writing a blog post, I struggle with it regularly.

Do you feel the same? Which solution(s) work for you? Or do you have any other thoughts on this? I'm curious to read what you think of it.

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Sara Cunningham

Totally agree! Sometimes I am knocking out so many blog posts, but then there are other days where I have no motivation, no desire to write, and I am stuck. Clearing my head and getting a spark of inspiration or a driver is always helpful. Like anything, you just gotta keep powering thru and you'll get that motivation back!

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Totally. It's been maybe a month or two, but I routinely run into rough patches where coding feels like navigating a fog. It's usually as a result of getting wound up in needing to constantly be doing and working to monetize that work. The last time it happened, I was trying to start a new project every day and got burned out. It sounds weird, but it really helped to just... force myself not to code or write for a bit. I got into the habit of forcing my work day to end at 5pm and then watching cooking shows in the evening, lol. Just fun, mind-numbing TV until I felt like I was more at ease before jumping back into my productivity-dependent hobbies.

One of the things that's really helped me work on one project continuously is the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. I posted a 30-day retrospective of how it's worked for me so far yesterday too:

The main part of the challenge is to work 1 hour every day on learning/coding/whatever. I found it really helpful in the beginning to use that 1 hour as a time limit and pressure myself into extending beyond that. I've since been more lax about stopping myself. For the time it was active, it helped to prevent early burnout and to learn to be more patient with my progress.

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Same! I love writing, but often struggle with motivation or just buckling down and making it a priority. I'm going to try a writing routine for 30 days and see what happens!