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How to Connect Power Automate Web and Power Automate Desktop

Automation has become a cornerstone in streamlining business processes, and Microsoft's Power Automate offers a powerful suite of tools for both cloud-based and on-premises automation.

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This blog is about connecting Power Automate Web and Power Automate Desktop. You can't Automated trigger in Power Automate Desktop so you can easily trigger flow by web version and connect your desktop flow to it.

Power Automate Web (Cloud):

  • Cloud-based automation service by Microsoft.
  • Ideal for automating processes that involve online services and applications.

Power Automate Desktop (On-Premises):

  • On-premises solution for automating desktop applications.
  • Useful for scenarios where automation needs to interact with local files and applications.

Setting Up Power Automate Web:

Installing Power Automate Desktop:

  • Go to the Microsoft store and install the Power Automate Desktop application on your local machine.

Installing Power Automate Desktop Runtime Machine:

  • This is very IMP to install Power Automate Desktop Runtime Machine you will get an option on the right-hand top corner of the Homepage of the Power Automate Desktop Application.

1) Create a sample web flow. Use any Automated trigger for it for example you can trigger it when an email arrives.

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Select V3.

2) Now create a sample Desktop flow. Let's suppose for create a new file to store Email attachments from web flow.

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3) Now your both flows are ready.

4) Go to Web Flow click on add action and select Desktop Flows

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a) Select your desktop flow name from the dropdown.
b) Select Run mode according to your preference.
c) Set priority default or High as you want.

4) Now trigger your web flow by sending new mail and wait.


By following these steps and best practices, you can seamlessly connect Power Automate Web and Power Automate Desktop, leveraging the strengths of both cloud and on-premises automation. The combined power of these platforms opens up endless possibilities for creating efficient and comprehensive workflows tailored to your business needs.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or share your experiences in the comments below.

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