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How to make projects as a fresher

Hello all

If you are freshers or just learning things don't just directly jump on your idea of creating Facebook or another LinkedIn

🔥 Start with an easy project then slowly move towards complex projects (make 6 to 7 projects)

🔥 List down all the functionality you want literally all

🔥 Then sort on the basis of "MVP", "must have", "good to have"," time Raha to bna duga",

🔥 Draw a bare minimum design on paper or Figma So that you don't have to refactor every time And have a clear idea of what you are building

🔥 Host your project somewhere no one is going to look them on your localhost

🔥 Prepare a demo video host on YouTube (give a demo like you are giving a demo to clients believe me in the industry this is a very good skill and every developer has to give a demo to an actual client)

🔥 Challenge your friends to find bugs in it (bug nikaal dia to party duga)

🔥 Make projects in a timely manner (another very good trait of developers, in your job you have to give timelines for features, make sprints, and plan everything) don't demotivate yourself if you fail to develop in the sprint in the job , developers also fail to deliver the project on time

🔥 Make a readme file the impact of the readme is very good when the interviewer look at the project this shows that you care about your project and haven't developed it just for the sake of the job

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