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I like this post but was lost when the acronyms TGS and AS appeared in the first drawing without being introduced. On a phone I can't see that there's a legend at the bottom so I had to scroll and was lucky to find the legend (thanks). May I suggest linking to named anchors for the first few uses so that we can focus on the fine diagram?

Or you could move the "parlance" paragraph above the first diagram? Or you could avoid TGS and AS by using some generic "first validating server" hand wave and specifying it later?

My take away is that each point returns a "verified identity chest" and a "forwardable or endorsed identity" and that's an ELIFifteen moment! :)

Regardless I got a much better grasp from this article. Thanks!


Hi Steven,

It only took me 8 months but I finally got around fixing this. I did not want to move the legend as I think it will break the narrative with unnecessary detail at that point. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong, but yesterday it dawned to me that I can just copy the diagram below the legend, so that when you want to look at the detail, you dont need to be scrolling around.

Huge thanks for the suggestion and let me know if there is anything else that can be improved.



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