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Advanced Objects: Course Comparisons

It just so happens that Iā€™m at the same place in three of my JavaScript courses from Udemy. These are:

The topic I'll be learning and comparing is advanced objects. I'm going to take my time with the material and I will try to bring you the most objective summary I can.

I'm thinking this will take a week or three to get through the material and write a post about it.

Anyone can read the summary, though it's geared to self-learners who would like a sneak peek into the similarities and differences of three different courses on the same topic in JavaScript.

Maybe you're thinking about taking one or more of these. Keep in mind, I'm a self-learner too. I don't expect you to learn anything necessarily new about objects, though if you did, that'd be awesome!

My goal is to give you a head's up concerning the teaching styles of these various instructors, and to show you where I have problems understanding the material and what I think about resolving that issue, which usually includes searching the web for more resources.

These courses aren't the only guides or tutorials about advanced objects in JavaScript. Obiously! There are so many excellent resources out there. I do hope to show you how using more than one resource can enhance your learning experience.

I'll be posting it here when complete, as well as on my blog. In the meantime, I'll occasionally post my progress at My Web Development Odyssey

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