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Choosing a path

As I look to the semester ahead I am petrified. Part of it is that I have to get used to Telescope and even just getting it running locally takes a while since I have to start WSL, Docker and the containers, that's before actually learning how to work with it or getting started trying to navigate testing or debugging or anything like that, the other part is that I really don't know that much in general but that's ok since I have a few places to start, although I guess that too is kind of overwhelming.

When looking at the starchart project, which I don't think will be called starchart but that's what we have been calling it so far, I have decided that I want to work on a bit of everything, to start I particularly want to take a look at something that is new to me and that I have bumbled my way through a short presentation on and that is authentication using the SAML protocol.

There are a few places to start with this, one is that we have an issue in Telescope that relates to what I think is the session no longer existing in certain situations that results in a 400. This will give me an opportunity to take a look at Telescopes auth flow. I still am kind of unfamiliar with Telescope despite having been in the last OSD course. I know that we use passport SAML in Telescope however and in the new project we will use a different library called SAMLIFY.

Another starting point is right there, Samlify docs. Further than that David found a perfect example for our tech stack where someone has made an example implementation of SAMLIFY with REMIX here. So taking a look at these things would be a start.

Also reading up on the rest of the tech stack would be smart as well. It's all overwhelming up-front but I think will become normal as we go.

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