How to change the terminal style in VSCode in an easy way

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I just required to change the look for the integrated terminal, and I just figured out how easy is this.

So…. here you have a happy walk around to do it 🙂

  1. Go to the settings (In VSCode obviously)
    • On Windows/Linux - File > Preferences > Settings
    • On macOS - Code > Preferences > Settings
      • Shortcut (⌘,)
      • Search (⇧⌘P) → “Preferences: Open Settings”
  2. Search for "workbench: color customizations" and open the settings.json file
  3. Edit or Paste your configuration under workbench.colorCustomizations
    1. https://code.visualstudio.com/api/references/theme-color
    "workbench.colorCustomizations": {

After that little change, you can check your integrated terminal in VS Code
Integrated Terminal VSCode

You can find several predefined templates here:




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Hey can you tell me how can I change my terminal from




Thanks in advance.


Hi, You need to look for this configuration zsh(shell) + oh-my-zsh(framework on top of shell)


Background/Foreground colors are changed correctly, but these changes don't seem to affect the command line itself, meaning the stuff I type after the prompt. For example, "ls --all" displays the "ls" in yellow, and the option "--all" in dark gray, independently of the color I choose for background/foreground. The dark gray is particularly annoying, since it's almost invisible. How can I change that?


Hey, do you have any idea why nothing changes in my terminal when I add a theme customization?


You need to put everything inside the settings dictionary