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TailwindCSS from Zero to Production - Notes

Why Tailwindcss

In my opinion TailwindCSS is Typescript but for CSS world! It will eliminate or decrease major problems that I strongly recommend to read it's comparison to the other ways like BEM etc. from the original reference and it's the creator CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns"

Where To learn

Now you know why you should use it and how much it will help you especially when you are trying to develop a Design System for your company's project!

The best source that I've found, after reading a lot of articles, udemy and youtube etc. videos, is just again their youtube channel, there is a series(8episode - totally under 2h) of videos on their youtube, you can see it here:
TailwindCSS from Zero to Production

Here is the code for this tutorial

After this video, you can just go to it's document and like others, make the best and most use of his document, for example, to use a certain class or what...

Notes on these series ✨🤩

I've just finished this series and during watching this series I took some notes, and I will share them to you here so you can use it too.

Practical Learning section

I strongly suggest to use or atleast read from FlowBite
which has alot of examples that are written with tailwindcss:

Image description

✨ Bonus - VSCode Pro for Frontend developers: 🎖️


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Gabriel Linassi

Also like it, although sometimes I have some complicated issues to resolve and then prefer to use CSS Modules for these specific cases. You might want to take a look at CVA. Works great with tailwind.

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DX Knight

Thanks, it sounds cool✨