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11 Essential Skills Software Developers should Learn in 2020

  1. Be a Cloudnative - allocate about 6months to a year to be good in this area -- it is not just about dockerizing your apps,
  2. Be Functional - start writing FP, pick one: Clojure, Elixir, ReasonML, F#
  3. Strive for Progressive Delivery - this is not new but makes more sense than ever in 2020,
  4. Figure out Blockchain and Web Monetization - the progress in this area is crazy, start here
  5. Decentralized application dev -- it getting bigger, check out this easy tutorial,
  6. Master VSCode -- Vim plugin!
  7. SQL Trees - will make you smarter
  8. AWS -- you just couldn't avoid this, start small -- deploy something to ECS.
  9. Machine Learning -- don't delay, allocate around 6 months for this,
  10. Get good at Shell (Bash) programming -- shell scripting is very powerful and easy, see this web server in shell
  11. Zettelkasten method, be good at learning-

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