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A Beginner guide to structuring your Python Projects

A Beginner guide to structuring your Python Projects

  1. Packages and Environment

  2. Linting and code style

  3. Get rid of the old make file

Packages and Environment

The old way of doing things

Back then the way to deal with packages in python was to create a new environment with Conda or the included venv and active it, then installing you're packages with pip then freezing them into a requirements.txt so that you're team could install the same deps as you do.

An easier way to approach this problem

With Pipenv you no longer need to use pip and virtualenv separately. They work together.

Simply install it with pip

pip install --user pipenv

Then active your environment

pipenv shell

And install whatever you want !

pipenv install request

Linting and code style

I personally picked pylint cause it felt like it's the more easy and intuitives to use and seem to contain all the use full features and is compatibility with code editor.

pipenv install pylint

Get rid of the old make file

Pipenv give us the possibility to run scripts easily !

Simply give create a Script inside the Scripts section of you're Pipfile

Image description

Now i can run pipenv run lint to lint my files
pipenv run start to start my Django Project !

Thanks for taking time to read this article i hope it help you !

If you have any suggestion or way i can improve it i'll be happy to ear them !

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