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🌹 Awesome development tools for PHP 2023

Hi guys,

Time flies, PHP is still being used and popular in the world 😎

Getting started and working with PHP is totally fast & awesome nowadays, we have plenty of tools to skyrocket your development experience (DX).

Let's check them out 😉

😎 IDEs

  • PHPStorm (my go-to IDE)
  • Visual Studio Code (has plenty of PHP plugins)

🚀 Laravel Herd

A super tool to install & switch PHP versions, nginx included 😎

The pain of managing the PHP version is no more. Goodbye XAMPP.

Laravel Herd - Seth Phat

Home page:

🔋 DBNgin

Get your desired database up and running in no time. Including MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis 🥰

DBNgin - Seth Phat

Home page:

✉️ MailTrap

A simple Email service to help us test the email content, recipients,...

No installation is required, we only need to sign up, get the SMTP credentials, and rock your development 🔥

Home page:

💼 TablePlus

An elegant database management tool, super easy to use, has super high UX, and multiple helpers as well.

We can use it free but limited to 2 tabs. However, the premium version is great and worth the investment.

TablePlus - Seth Phat

Home page:

(the author of DBNgin)

(Optional) 🌹 DevToolz

An opinionated development toolz made for developers.

I crafted from my experience. Super useful in your development process.

I hope you'll like it, free to use & open-sourced:

There will be more tools to come, stays tuned ❤️!


Well, those are the basic tools that you'll need to install & use to achieve the best DX.

Those are the tools I am using every day, and totally satisfied ⭐️

Have fun coding 😉!

P/s: Check out my blog for other topics related to Backend, Scalable & High-perf:

Top comments (8)

tyler36 profile image

Thanks for the article.

Visual Studio Code (has plenty of PHP plugins)

What plugins would you recommend?
I like:

sethsandaru profile image
Seth Phat

you added all the good ones haha 😎

Add this one if you are using Laravel

4lch4 profile image
Devin W. Leaman

I'd never heard of TablePlus before, thanks for the share!

sethsandaru profile image
Seth Phat

glad you liked it 💪

citronbrick profile image

Nice to be introduced to Laravel Herd.

leslieeeee profile image

If you are a macOS user, I recommend ServBay. Here's the link.
With ServBay, you don't need to spend some time or couple of days to setup anything. Just download it and you can use it immediately. You can run multiple PHP versions simultaneously and switch between them effortlessly.
Honestly, this tool has greatly simplified my PHP development and is definitely worth trying!

miguelgilmartinez profile image
Miguel Gil Martínez

Netbeans is all I need.

kimlop profile image

I suggest to use DDEV instead: Herd, DBNgin, Mailtrap

Instead TablePlus: Dbeaver