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Top Dev YouTube Channels 2024

Probably, each of us has faced the fact that we need to update information or learn something new in our profession, and developers are no exception. There are updates, new software, and AI spreading. What to do and where to look for knowledge?

There are suitable solutions, which allow you to get information quickly and easily in an interactive form. And one of these ways is YouTube.✌️ We collected a list of YouTube channels that provide a wide range of tutorials on website development, mobile application development and more.

This top is not an advertisement. We used our personal experience and reviews from other developers. Be sure to save this list and never suffer from a lack of up-to-date information. What resources would you add to the top? Share your top in the comments down below.

Net Ninja channel is a comprehensive resource for those who want to become top-notch tech professionals. The channel contains a lot of information about web development. The videos are short and clear. It is suitable for developers of different skill levels. The tutorials are structured to provide a deep understanding, with real-world applications and examples.

Main topics: JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, CSS, NodeJS, FrontEnd Development, BackEnd Development.

The Coding Train, hosted by Daniel Shiffman, is a channel that focuses on creative coding. The expert explains topics such as p5.js, Processing and JavaScript with an emphasis on visual and interactive programming. The content is very engaging, educational and entertaining. Daniel tries to make coding accessible and fun. The channel will be useful for both beginners and coders with experience. Also, the channel can interest children because Daniel makes a really colorful show!

Main topics: Creative Coding, JavaScript, p5js, Processing, Visual Programming.

The Fireship - is one of the most popular and extensive resources for developers. If you're interested in the latest trends in website and app development, this channel is definitely for you! It can help you with understanding the top technologies. There, you can find 100-second videos that allow you to dive into the topic for both a beginner and an experienced developer. Fascinating, accessible and informative - these are the main advantages of the channel.

Main topics: Web Development, App Development, JavaScript, Firebase, Flutter, Modern Technologies.

This channel will be really useful for those who really want to understand Python and JavaScript. It offers tutorial videos on programming, machine learning, and game development. It will especially help beginners; the content is very clear, friendly and informative. In addition, the channel provides free coding resources, which makes the learning process even more effective.

Main topics: Python Programming, JavaScript, Machine Learning, GameDev, Coding For Beginners.

Traversy Media covers a wide range of technologies, programming languages, and various JavaScript frameworks. It also focuses on backend technologies such as Node.js. The channel is especially useful for developers who are either starting their journey in web development or want to improve their existing skills. Traversy Media makes complex topics accessible and understandable for everyone!

Main topics: Web Development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, FrontEnd Development, BackEnd Development.

FreeCodeCamp offers a wide range of technological topics. The channel is ideal for anyone interested in exploring programming. Its detailed and comprehensive tutorials are designed to teach students about coding concepts and practices in an accessible way. If you are looking for structured and quality educational content, it will definitely help you with that.

Main topics: Web Development, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, Data Science, Machine Learning.

Sentdex is a robust resource for Python programming. The channel is beneficial for developers interested in Python's versatile applications, particularly in data-driven and AI-related fields. Its comprehensive tutorials are ideal for both beginners in Python and those looking to deepen their understanding of specific areas of Python programming.

Main topics: Python Programming, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Web Development, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence.

The Derek Banas channel is particularly well-known for its comprehensive tutorials on programming languages. The channel also delves into web development, design patterns, and algorithm tutorials. Content approach by a developer with any skill level. Subscribe, and you will definitely learn something new for yourself!

Main topics: Python, JavaScript, Web Development, C++, Algorithm Tutorials, Data Science.

Web Dev Simplified is dedicated to simplifying web development concepts. It offers tutorials and guides on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern web development frameworks. Even a beginner will be able to understand complex topics thanks to this resource. Make a note of this channel, and be sure that it will become your indispensable assistant in work!

Main topics: Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, FrontEnd Development.

STEMcoding is focused on integrating coding into STEM education, specifically targeting high school physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It uses P5.js for coding activities. It is tailored to cater to developers of all levels, including young learners. This channel is beneficial for developers interested in educational programming. It's a great resource for educators seeking to incorporate coding into their STEM curriculum.

Main topics: STEMeducation, Coding For Kids, P5js, Educational Programming.

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