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Serverspace x Rocky Linux

Serverspace has added a new Rocky Linux OS

Serverspace expands the set of available OS templates. Now all users can deploy vStack servers with the latest version of Rocky Linux 9.3.

Rocky Linux is the best choice to replace CentOS. It provides superior performance and is ideal for business tasks.

We have described the main features of the OS in the material on our website. Follow the link to learn more:

How to create a server on Rocky Linux?

  1. Sign up for Serverspace;
  2. Go to the Serverspace control panel;
  3. Select the vStack cloud service;
  4. Start creating the cloud server;
  5. Select Rocky Linux 9.3
  6. Configure the resources;
  7. Click “Create server”.

Serverspace is an international cloud provider offering automatic deployment of virtual infrastructure based on Linux and Windows from anywhere in the world in less than 1 minute. For the integration of client services, open tools like API, CLI, and Terraform are available.

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