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Serverspace in Brazil!


Serverspace is expanding into new regions and has launched its sales in Latin America, Brazil! Local users can now deploy infrastructure in the Serverspace cloud.

To ensure a seamless experience for Brazilian users, we've launched a localized website,, provided a control panel, and introduced payment options in the local currency, the Brazilian Real.

Serverspace complies with the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) to safeguard users' data.

Want to know more? Read the full press-release here:

Also, we’d like to inform you that we connected the Equinix SP3 data center in São Paulo for all our users. The data center meets international quality standards and holds three Tier III certifications from the Uptime Institute. Operational Sustainability has a maximum Gold level.

How to deploy a server in Brazil?

  1. Sign up!
  2. Click "Create server" in the vStack cloud section;
  3. Select São Paulo, Brazil among the data centers;
  4. Set up the server configuration;
  5. Click the "Order" button.

Need help? Our 24/7 tech support is just a tab click or phone call away at +1 647 4935 0400.

Serverspace is an international cloud provider offering automatic deployment of virtual infrastructure based on Linux and Windows from anywhere in the world in less than 1 minute. For the integration of client services, open tools like API, CLI, and Terraform are available.

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