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SerpApi Integration for Zapier (wip)

SerpApi Integration for Zapier is work-in-progress.


Two years ago we wrote a note about a SerpApi Integration for Zapier. Currently, we're working on supporting all search parameters that SerpApi has.

Work-in-progress SerpApi Integration for Zapier works similarly to the SERPAPI_RANK function from SerpApi Add-On for Google Sheets (tutorial). It is a Zapier Action that makes a search to SerpApi with the specific parameters.

Parameters for the SerpApi Action in Zapier

Returned data

Then returns a search result that matches the domain.

Test results of the SerpApi Integration for Zapier

Use cases

A matched search result, for example, can be passed to the next Zapier Action like "Create Record in Airtable" or "Create Record in Google Sheets".

Using SerpApi result in the Create Record in Airtable Action in Zapier

Zapier Action creates a record in Airtable

SerpApi + Zapier

SerpApi integration for Zapier is in development. We're working on accepting more search parameters that SerpApi supports.


If you have anything to share, any questions, suggestions, or something that isn't working correctly, reach out via Twitter at @ilyazub_, or @serp_api.

Illia, and the rest of the SerpApi Team.

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