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can you please explain how composeFrogFilterers is not creating the line:
return frogs.filter(filter)

from the filterFrogs function

while the above function :
does create this line 4 times instead of 1 like you mention?
from the logs i did, both run 4 times not just one
can you please say where iam wrong:

inside applyAllFilters:

for (let index = 0; index < filters.length; index++) {
         const filter = filters[index];
         console.log('newfrogs leng: ', newFrogs.length);
         newFrogs = filter(newFrogs); // calling filter function on new frogs array.filter

inside composeFrogFilters:

return fns.reduce(function(accumulatedFrogs, fn) {
         console.log('leng of acc frogs: ', accumulatedFrogs.length);
         return fn(accumulatedFrogs) // also calling frogs array.filter with the fn as filter func
      }, frogs)


You are right, both of the examples both re-create the arrays. Will edit the post with the correct solution (check my response to your other reply for the solution)

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