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Why I burn out when programming, or this is a story about where I get my inspiration

Feedback for developers is essential. And it's no matter whether it comes from future clients, the compiler, or random passers-by.

But what if you don't get feedback?
I had different thoughts that all this was uninteresting or unnecessary for anyone. Motivation is lost, and burnout occurs.
I want to talk about situations that I personally encountered.
I'm self-taught, I've been programming for almost two years without professional experience in companies.

5. Small results are better than big ones

I noticed that when I solve a problem, I get satisfaction. But when I publish an application, I get disappointed because the expectation does not coincide with reality.

Users don't react the way you imagined.

When external evaluation becomes more important than internal evaluation, you burn out. Small resulsts are better than big ones. Don’t let the outside world hate what you like.

4. It's a good idea to have a Plan B

When you publish an application, you still take risks. You risk getting frustrated if you have spent a lot of time and energy.

To protect yourself from negative consequences, such as guilt or regret, have a Plan B.

For example, if I publish an app and no one signs up, I'll say, "Okay. But now I have experience, I can update my portfolio.”

3. Create for yourself first

One day, I decided to create a website for my friends. They said that the site was needed so that they could communicate about gaming topics. When I publish the site, no one signed up. I lost motivation for a while.

I would have burned out if I didn't have a Plan B, if I hadn't made the site primarily for myself to level up skills.

Create for yourself first and solve the problem of others as if it were your problem. But if you suddenly come across an uninteresting or unclear problem, and you don’t find a benefit for yourself, then most likely
you will burn out.

2. New opportunities that open up are links in one chain

Believe in yourself and in the new opportunities that will open up for you in the future.

I believe that one day I will become not just a good, but an exellent developer, and will raise my life to a better level.

1. Passion is one of the most important things, just like your life

Even if you burned out or lost everything, you are still alive. You can do something.

My results are relatively small. I have not so good plans B. I don't have any hint of new opportunities in the near future.

But I finally realized the meaning of programming and what I want to achieve. Programming allows me to create applications. It helps me improve my skills and makes life interesting. I enjoy it. And I am grateful to the entire community of programmers who had a hand in creating the Internet, computers, articles I still learn from, and games with applications that I love. Thank you!

You can see what I’m working on and how to contact me here.

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