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iOS Dev Skills. Performance Review.


Department Structure:

Performance Review Schedule:

  • Trainee: Performance review every 3 months.
  • Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 3: Performance review every 3 months.
  • Middle 1, Middle 2, Middle 3: Performance review every 6 months.
  • Senior 1, Senior 2: Performance review every 6 months.

Note: The performance review schedule may vary depending on the specific
company's policies and guidelines.

List of topics that a developer needs to know in order to pass a performance review.

Junior Middle Senior
Ability can make a news app talking to a JSON API can timely design and deliver fast and reliable chat module can establish team behaviour standards with non-fanatical ideas
Code Integration uses git to move code around has an opinion about GitFlow has ideas how to build a CI process and automate chores
Paradigms got the idea of OOP got hands dirty with FRP brings value from other platforms and paradigms
Dependencies knows how to use Cocoapods knows why apps can't use SPM, but Carthage is an option knows why it is essential to own/reduce dependencies
Platform uses Array, Dictionary and Set knows Value/Reference types and Equatable/Hashable knows the details of method dispatch of both Swift and Obj-C
Client-Server Protocol getting that JSON from the Internet is a piece of cake! making a WebSocket-based real-time chat is feasible building a video chat is an achievable challenge
Reference uses StackOverflow as a single source of truth often uses official documentation asks platform developers and can reverse engineer
Memory knows how to avoid and fix a memory leak knows NSPointerArray and why structs increase binary size has a strategy to reduce out-of-memory crashes
UI can build basic UI in the Interface Builder has reasons to make UI in code can take layout and diff calculation to non-main thread
Multithreading asyncAfter is a friend, @synchronize all the things asyncAfter is an enemy, and thread synchronization is a problem understands multithreading problems beyond the deadlock
Attitude expects others to teach and guide during development discusses design with the team to share decision takes responsibility for design decision made by teammates
Design Patterns understands Delegation, Target-Action and MVC idea is proficient at Observer, Facade and Mediator patterns knows the sweet spot between dependency injection and service locator
Product Quality the app is tested if it works on my phone writes unit tests and tried TDD and UI tests defines a maintainable test pyramid with non-overlapping coverage areas




The average time to complete a task or answer a question is 10 to 15 minutes.

The average time to complete a performance review is 2-3 hours.

There are 13 sections in total. One task is provided for the solution (out of 5
in the section) at the choice of the interviewer. It is possible to provide a
second chance (the second task out of 5) if the first one causes difficulty,
with a score adjustment by a factor of ~ 0.5.


I have a clear focus on time-to-market and don't prioritize technical debt. And I took part in the Pre-Sale/RFX activity as a System Architect, assessment efforts for Mobile (iOS-Swift, Android-Kotlin), Frontend (React-TypeScript) and Backend (NodeJS-.NET-PHP-Kafka-SQL-NoSQL). And I also formed the work of Pre-Sale as a CTO from Opportunity to Proposal via knowledge transfer to Successful Delivery.

🛩️ #startups #management #cto #swift #typescript #database
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