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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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David Saintloth

Well as of September 6, I finished a project as part of the legacy application retirement project I am on at my banking client. It was expected to be a 3 day fix but ended up being two weeks due to tricky usage of xsl inside of jsp templates (I did say legacy!). It's in QA and about to hit production end of month.

Started a new analysis for a new project which will solve a logout issue in the legacy application, I am one of those rare folks who actually enjoys looking through old Rube Goldbergian code bases to figure out what madness led the teams who build these evolutionary monstrosities to make some of the choices they did.Prior to the project above I worked on an analysis that functionally decomposed a major tool in the legacy application and with that knowledge rebuild the tool using current generation Spring Boot and Angular front end. Super fun.