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Free SenseDeep Developer Plan

I'm happy to announce the SenseDeep serverless developer studio now has a free plan for individual developers.

The developer plan has all the features of SenseDeep for a developer including: full serverless monitoring, management, metrics, unlimited dashboards, logs, lambdas, alarms and notifications.

With SenseDeep you'll be able to troubleshoot your serverless apps and deliver value faster than ever.

If you looked at SenseDeep before, you may want to take a second look.

And the developer plan is FREE.

Developer Plan

The SenseDeep developer plan includes:

  • Extensive serverless monitoring
  • Detailed serverless metrics and graphs
  • Real-time CloudWatch log viewer
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Unlimited lambdas and log data
  • Unlimited alarms and alerts
  • Unlimited notification channels

Serverless Monitoring

SenseDeep organizes and aggregates essential AWS lambda metrics and CloudWatch logs data into a unified view. You can visualize which requests are failing, request performance including duration and cold starts and key function metrics.

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You can also drill down on individual invocation traces to see the details of any Lambda invocation including the formatted and color-coded log data in context.

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Errors are highlighted so you can easily see the cause of any failures and if required, you can jump to the complete log and zoom to the exact location of that invocation.


SenseDeep has fully customizable dashboards with graphical and numeric widgets. You can fully customize your dashboards and place graphical widgets to display critical information.

Multiple dashboards are supported with quick switch links between dashboards. Dashboards can display data from multiple AWS accounts in different regions.

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Log Viewer

The SenseDeep developer plan includes the full SenseDeep CloudWatch log viewer. This is a blazing fast log viewer that is a joy to use.

It has infinite, buttery smooth scrolling and a real-time live-tail that automatically displays new log data without clicking reload. The viewer has powerful search and query to instantly locate important events.

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Alarms and Alerts

But the best of SenseDeep developer is undoubtedly the Alarm capabilities. You can alarm on metrics, EventBridge events, or log messages.

If an alarm triggers an alert, you are notified via email or SMS and you can with one click, go to the exact Lambda invocation that caused the alert and see the full details. If the error was a stack exception, you can see the precise line of the error with just one click.

SenseDeep alarms automates your error and performance. The alarms dynamically subscribe new lambdas as required by tags or matching regular expression names. And alerts use notification dampening so you don't get swamped with redundant alert messages.

Unique Open Architecture Logging

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SenseDeep has a unique open architecture design where your serverless and log data are stored securely within your account.

Your data never leaves your account.

SenseDeep is more secure as your logging identifiers and secrets are never sent over the wire to another service.

Log data captured by a high-performance lambda in your account called the Watcher and stored in a DynamoDB table in your account for secure, high-performance storage. The schema is published and open so you can utilize and extend upon SenseDeep with custom solutions.

Learn More

Try SenseDeep for developers at

For more info, see the quick tour:

If you need support for a team of developers, please checkout our Team and Enterprise plans.

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