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CloudWatch Series

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A collection of CloudWatch articles in one place.

What is CloudWatch


Amazon CloudWatch is a unified monitoring service for AWS services and for your cloud applications. AWS CloudWatch collects and stores operational metrics and log files from resources such as EC2 instances, RDS databases, VPCs, Lambda functions and many other services. With CloudWatch, you can monitor your AWS account and resources and generate a stream of events or trigger alarms and actions for specific conditions.

What is CloudWatch?

CloudWatch Dashboards

CloudWatch Dashboards

Amazon CloudWatch Dashboards is a feature of AWS CloudWatch that offers basic monitoring home pages for your AWS accounts. It provides resource status and performance views via graphs and gauges. Dashboards can monitor resources in multiple AWS regions to present a cohesive account-wide view of your accounts.

CloudWatch Dashboards.

Cloud Logging Checklist

Cloud Logging Checklist

Effective logging is an essential foundation for any cloud application or service. However, just doing print statements and dumping the logs in your SumoSplunkDog logging solution does not guarantee effective logging nor the ability to quickly diagnose issues when the fires break out.

CloudWatch Logging Checklist.

A Better CloudWatch Logs


Frustrated with CloudWatch and Serverless debugging? You don't have to be ... SenseDeep provides an easier way.

A Better CloudWatch Logs.

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