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Want to explore and test IAM products? Here is how you can evaluate them!

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The Identity and Access Management industry has gained a lot of traction from the Covid-19 pandemic.All over the world organizations have shifted to remote work culture as the norm while some organizations offer Work from anywhere policies to their employees.

As the organizations grows the number of user identities and application access for different roles also increases becoming more complicated as organizations witness rapid growth.It can be a challenge to manage these online identities as compromise of any identity will allow hackers to access the confidential data and apps that manage internal resources.

Many organizations have thought of this problem and the best way to solve for it is with Identity and Access Management solutions.

But the question now is how do these IAM solutions help with managing online identities and keeping them away from hackers? and how should you go about evaluating the right Identity and Access Management solution for your organization?

So let’s get started!

First things first, what is IAM?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an important part of the entire IT security that manages digital identities and user access to systems, resources, and data across the company. IAM is the security management system. Being a security management tool lowers the identity-related access risks within a business.

Nowadays, for both on-premises and cloud implementation leading IAM solutions are available.

To diminish risks, upgrade compliance, and improve efficiency across the enterprise, you need to choose the best IAM security partner for your organization. Click here to know more about what IAM is and how to get started with IAM.

Why IAM is important for your security infrastructure?

  • Enable effective access to multiple systems for a dynamic user base across geographies
  • Access to all your users’ devices and applications is controlled and secured
  • Centralized user directory to manage access
  • Secure the identities

How to decide the best IAM solutions for your organization?

When it comes to finding the right solution,there is no silver bullet or a go-to IAM product.

With every organization the requirements are different and the best solution often depends on their use case and problem they are trying to solve.

Identity and Access Management solutions come in a range of offerings from market leaders like Okta,ForgeRock to open source IAM solutions like Gluu, and others.

As a buyer your attention should also be at looking for the best ways to offer your workforce or customers with the best end user experience when it comes to ease of use and providing your administrators with the flexibility to easily deploy and manage these solutions.

Factors to evaluate the right IAM authentication schemes

To make the right decision when comparing different IAM solutions is to use the following factors to see where does your usecase fit in and what do you want in the end:

  • Usability
  • Deployability
  • Security

What are the advantages of using Identity and Access Management solutions?

New-age onboarding

The identity access management platform enables institutes to create a central identity across all channels for students and faculty using single sign-on. Modern and robust authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) are also offered by the IAM with one-time passwords or security questions and more.

Sennovate’s IAM partners enable smooth and seamless integration into systems through industry-approved standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth2, and SAML 2.0.

Clear control of permissions

With Sennovate’s IAM solution, you can even define the roles and permissions regarding who can access what content and when. Colleges and universities can assign admins to teachers, lecturers, and staff and give them their respective roles.

Additionally, by adding users to their group they can work with other faculties. Also, professors can divide their students into groups as well as assign permissions on the basis of their projects.

Robust API security

With IAM’s security interface (APIs), you can strengthen your security and protect resources. It detects fraudulent behavior within the system and raises demands for authentication as and when needed.

Apart from this, it provides a seamless user experience, as well as it allows users to have one strong password for their multiple accounts with the feature of SSO. Stay always updated with the latest security mechanisms with the help of Sennovate’s IAM Solutions.

Data compliance management

All the major international data regulation policies including the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA are compliant with the identity access management platform. It even provides more transparency about accepted consents, secured access, as well a seamless user experience to meet the high identity management of education requirements.

Single Sign-On

If students have to enter a username and password repeatedly to access the various applications, it consumes lots of their time and reduces their learning time. Most of the teachers are aware of this problem, as it directly interrupts class if a student is struggling to access their applications. Fortunately, Sennovate’s IAM solution module can simplify your students’ login processes with Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, your students can receive access to all their applications and data via a personal dashboard by only logging in once.

Here is how you can explore these IAM solutions for FREE!

Imagine, how useful would it be if you could just focus on architecting and building POCs for any usecase and automate the entire process of configuring servers, environments and installation of products in minutes and with no errors.

The number of hours you can save, just think about it!

Well we’ve built Sennovate+ just for that, now you can automate the process of configuring environments and explore various IAM products in just a few minutes.

Currently, we offer automation solutions for ForgeRock Access Management and open source IAM solution – Gluu.

You can register now to browse our automation catalog.

With Sennovate+ you can now deploy and explore IAM solutions in just a few minutes to build test environments of your usecases before making a decision.

Having any doubts or want to have a call with us to know more about IAM solutions for your organization?

Contact us right now by clicking here, Sennovate’s Experts will explain everything on call in detail.

You can also write a mail to us at or call us on +1 (925) 918-6618.

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